Custom ChatGPT for your documents , your website and your users.

DocsAI helps simplifying the creation of support agents to generate answers combined with the power of gpt. Simply train a chat bot in seconds with your own docs, and customize it to match your brand. Then, let DocsAI handle your customer support, both internally and externally.

So whether you need a chatbot to answer FAQs, provide technical support, or just chat with customers, DocsAI has you covered.

And because DocsAI is powered by GPT, your chatbot will be able to generate answers that are informative, helpful, and even a little bit funny.

So next time a customer asks you a question, don't sweat it. Just let DocsAI take care of it.

(And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can even use DocsAI to create a chatbot that impersonates your CEO. But that's a whole other level of trolling.)

This overview is written by DocsAI