Add Confluence as a knowledge base for Chatbot

Select Confluence from the available sources and proceed. Confluence is in beta mode , you can select upto 3 spaces for a given user.

Connecting to Confluence

Getting the API token

You can generate an API token using Manage Profiles & Security (opens in a new tab).

To generate an API token, follow these steps:

  1. Access your account settings: Navigate to the top bar and click on your profile photo. Select Manage Account from the dropdown menu.

  2. Locate API token management: Within the account management page, click on the Security tab. Under the security settings, you'll find the option to Create and manage API tokens.

  3. Initiate API token creation: Click on the "Create API token" button to generate token.

confluece getting access token

Getting the Domain

The url before the wiki is your confluence domain name. In this case https://docsai-test.atlassian.net/.


Please note the trailing / at the end.


Account Email

The email associated with your confluence account. You can find your email after clicking the profile photo.

Selecting spaces

You can search and select upto 3 spaces from your confluence. Training may take some time, depending on the amount of content you have provided. Feel free to leave this page and check back in a few minutes.

Confluence FAQs

How to generate api token for confluence ?

Please note that the Confluence guidance provided herein is subject to change in the future. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, we recommend regularly reviewing current profile settings.

Getting Something Happened , Unauthorized error in confluence.

This means your api token or account email is not correct. Verify those credentials.

Getting Something Happened , Not found in confluence.

This means your domain is not available. Verify this domain.

Data Collection and Usage

DocsAI collects your email address and API token to access the content of your Confluence spaces. We only read the content of the pages and do not modify or alter it in any way. This data is used to provide you with the best possible experience using DocsAI.