Getting Started


DocsAI helps you in creating chatbot from your documents that you can embed in any websites.

Create a organization

This will be your first step to create a chatbot. You will be asked to create an org when you login for the first time. An organisation can hold multiple projects and each project refers to a chatbot.

Create a project

Once you created your organisation, you will be prompted to create a project. A project is a chatbot that you can embed in your website.

Choose a name for your project and click on create project. You will be redirected to the project dashboard.

Upload documents

  • Go to Documents tab and click on New Document button.
  • Select the type of document, currently Web, Text and Files are available. More coming soon.
  • If you want to just fetch that page, disable the load all path switch.
  • Click on fetch documents. This will fetch all the pages from your website.
  • You can de-select the pages you don't want and click on create.
  • The Indexing time from your site depends on the size and complexity of your website. It may take a few minutes to fetch and process the documents.
  • You can safely navigate away from window and come back later to see the Index status. Once Indexes, you can start asking questions.

Talk to your docs

  • Once you have indexed your documents, your bot is ready to answer questions.
  • To start asking questions, open the project and go to Your Bot in the side navigation bar.
  • If you want to integrate your chat bot into your website, go to Bot Appearance and set your preferences. Click the Embed button to copy the script and paste it into your HTML. You can now start asking questions on your website.
  • You can also share a link to your chat bot using the Share button. Only users with the link will be able to chat with your bot.

Update documents

  • Say you have some new pages or updated some content of the page. You can easily update this data.
  • On the Documents tab, click on ๐Ÿ”„ icon. This will take you back to the same form you used to create the documents.
  • You can now fetch the documents again and update the data.