Change Logs

Change Logs

v1.3.8 - Minor changed

Apr 14, 2024

  • Improve pricing for one time users.

v1.3.7 - Minor changes

Mar 09, 2024

  • Add loaders around the website
  • Improve Docs

v1.3.6 - Bugs Squashed

Mar 03 , 2024

  • Fixed - Copying email to clipboard and sharing conversations from chatbot was blocked by security policies.
  • Fixed an issue that caused suggest answer from chat history showed empty page.

v1.3.5 - Chatbot v2 - BETA

Feb 24 , 2024

  • Chatbot v2 beta is here! Now the chat bot shows important resources and contact us details on the chat window.

v1.3.4 - Confluence Confab

December 10 , 2023

  • Individual conversations can be cleared! Now you can remove those clutters convos you did for testing.
  • Added empty states illustrations on chat history and document pages.

December 9 , 2023

  • Confluence Beta is Here! We're excited to introduce a new source to train your data.
  • Fixed an issue that caused document sizes to be miscalculated in certain types.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TEXT documents to exceed their intended length.
  • Fixed an issue that caused documents to be misaligned on the screen when different status values were applied

v1.3.3 - Chat Sharers

December 3 , 2023

  • Share individual conversations from your chat history or from your conversations.
  • Add docs for easy access in side bar

v1.3.2 - PWA-some DocsAI

November 19 , 2023

  • DocsAI is powered with PWA , Easy Mobile and Tablet access.
  • New clear button to remove current conversation.
  • Smoother onboarding process
  • Add support for embed iframe chatbot

v1.3.1 - A Document-ific Redesign

November 12 , 2023

  • New UI for Add documents & your documents mobile screen.

v1.3 - A Notion-able Addition

November 11 , 2023

  • Now you can sync notion documents to DocsAI.

  • Various UI Improvements throughout the pages.

  • Each version will have a unique name from this release.

  • Fixed loader issues and improve error handling.


October 23 , 2023

  • Improve UI design on several parts of the page.
  • Identify users with a clean UI and additional details table.


October 21 , 2023

  • Identify users via code , api and add additional users details.

  • Improve UI on several pages

  • Fix - issue on subscripion page


October 13 , 2023

  • Remove Default Prompt User Email - Let the default prompt user email in Bot Appearence be empty.
  • Fix - When the chat bot is in answering mode. Don't allow a new question and new stream of answers.


October 9 , 2023

  • Improve design on prompt user email from the chat bot


October 8 , 2023


  • Added prompt user email from the chat bot.
  • Improve documentation on integrations.


September 30 , 2023


  • Added mobile viewport responsiveness.
  • Minor UI changes, Release notes, More FAQs.


September 24 , 2023

  • Added support email in bot appearence.
  • Minor UI changes, Release notes, More FAQs.


September 14 , 2023

  • Added Canny customer support

  • Fixed chat scrollbar interfering with the chat box


September 11 , 2023

  • Fix colors on thumbs up / thumbs down icons in chat box
  • Fix colors on chat history.


September 9 , 2023

  • Added Filter and Export chat history as pdf for last 50 conversations based on the filter.
  • Added chat history in the features section of home page.
  • Added SEO for pricing page.
  • Added Feedback Thumbs up and Thumbs down for answers.


September 2 , 2023

  • Added more open graph tags for SEO

  • Fixed a chat history view where the answers are first instead of questions

  • Removed unsupported syntaxes from the code (fill-rule and clip-rule)